What I read this summer



the virgin suicides

The Marriage Plot was so good that I thought I should catch up with his first novel. A haunting portrayal of adolescence and desire.

10. Case Histories – Kate Atkinson

case histories

A little disappointing. Having heard such good things about Kate Atkinson I thought I’d  start with this one – if Stephen King calls it the ‘best mystery of the decade’ it must be good, right? The most interesting thing for me was Jackson Brodie’s fondness for Emmylou Harris and Gillian Welch – whenever he put on one of their songs I was tempted to do the same and take a break from a book which needs much sharper plot twists and turns and which, although it handles the complex chronology skilfully, suffers from too many shifts in third person perspective, the attempt to give each character a distinctive ‘voice’ leading to some overdone interior monologue/free indirect thought.




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