John Carey (Sunday Times chief book reviewer, ex chair of Booker Prize)

“Read it straight off in two sittings, and was really gripped. I think it’s tremendously good – lovely use of dialogue and suppressed dialogue throughout, very humane, very sure touch with characters – especially the young ones. Gripping, heartening, a captivating read. I hope the book has the success it certainly deserves – I think it will give a lot of people a great deal of pleasure.”

John Harding (book reviewer for The Mail and The Mail on Sunday)

5.0 out of 5 stars INGENIOUS PAGE TURNER, 9 May 2013
I read this extremely funny and affecting book in a couple of sittings. What’s especially good is that the idea of having to accept every invitation no matter what is so well developed as a plot mechanism through the ingenious situations O’Keeffe comes up with, all completely credible. Who would have thought suburban existence had so many different offers lurking, or guessed the places the seemingly commonplace ones could take you? By the end I found myself noticing all the hitherto unregarded invitations in my own life and wondering what would happen if I followed the likeable Rick’s example – a temptation I’ve so far managed to resist! Warmly recommended

I thoroughly recommend Bernard O’Keeffe’s novel No Regrets – funny, humane, perceptive.

One minute with #RogerMcGough in today’s Independent. What’s he just been reading? 

“A light-hearted romp with some genuine chuckles that we whipped through on a couple of train journeys” – The Londonist  

“A hilarious, rollicking ride…Give it a go. Rest assured you will have no regrets.” –  Richmond Magazine – 

Some of the 5* Amazon Reviews

o By B J Walsh Fine contemporary novel *****

A brilliant premise and the unfolding story is very well told. It also highlights the dangers of having a ‘good’ close friend! I won’t be able to look at any bunch of joggers again without wondering about the group’s dynamics. A marvellous read.

o By Pete Matthews Bring on the sitcom *****

It’s a clever, simple idea, wonderfully told. The author seamlessly balances wry humour (and occasional farce) with sensitivity. Loved the ending (no spoilers) but sorry to finish it. It’d make a cracking sitcom, only you’d lose the special O’Keeffe way with words.

o By Alex vB A highly enjoyable read ******

No Regrets is a great debut novel from Bernard O’Keeffe – well thought through characters, accessible and at times laugh out loud funny (I got some bemused looks on the tube!). If you’re thinking about buying this novel I highly recommend just going for it – you won’t have any regrets! I look forward to the next one

o By Fransisco Great book! *****

Really enjoyable book. Great characters and an interesting idea! Well worth a read! I finished it in a couple of days as I couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to more from this author..

o By J Heaton A fun read! *****

I can thoroughly recommend this book, it’s easy to read and genuinely funny. There is some razor sharp dialogue. The characters are well developed and believable. Relationships are shrewdly observed. The embarrassing encounters, the quiz evening and the cringe worthy university reunion are very well crafted.

o By R. S. Packer Very enjoyable read *****

I really enjoyed this book, it’s fluid and funny and I would highly recommend it. I look forward to seeing more books from Bernard O’Keeffe

o By Mary Hartley A very funny engaging novel *****

This is a funny and engaging novel and a very enjoyable read. I particularly liked the relationship between Rick and his son Danny, a student and novice stand-up comedian. A deftly plotted and well constructed novel, lively and entertaining.

o By Mr. Thomas Yates Benyon Great read *****

Funny, pacey and affecting: definitely worth a read. There are some hilarious set piece scenes and the central relationships are sharply observed and authentic. I read this in two sittings, which says a lot! Looking forward to more from O’Keeffe.

o By QPR fan Highly recommended *****

Thoroughly enjoyable – interesting and very life-like characters, very well crafted dialogue and hugely readable. I would have thought that Richard Curtis and Hugh Grant might be interested in taking it further..

o By John C – Compelling and genuinely comic *****

This is a funny and compelling read with an endearing and engaging central character. It is full of great comic set pieces. Loved it.

0 By O.S – Thoroughly enjoyable *****

There are some books that you just can’t put down, and this is one of them. There is a certain irresistible charm to the writing style – very, very enjoyable and I highly recommend it!

0 By The reader – Awesome book*****

Stumbled upon this great gem,made me laugh out loud while reading which is always a good sign. Hope there is another one coming soon.


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